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The Western Reserve Chorale


New Singers Welcome!



7:15-9:30 p.m.

Sept. - May

Church of the Gesu

2470 Miramar Blvd

University Hts.


WRC is an all volunteer group composed of members with varying musical ability and experience, under the direction of Artistic Director David Gilson.  Rehearsals are held from September to June, every Tuesday evening:

7:15 - 9:30 PM at Church of the Gesu, 2470 Miramar Boulevard, University Heights.

In addition, informal rehearsal time is afforded for those desiring it for 30 minutes preceding each regularly scheduled rehearsal.  New and prospective members are always welcome.  While auditions are not required, it is expected that members be able to read music, blend acoustically, follow choral direction and attend rehearsals regularly.  Please contact our Executive Director Joanne Poderis at (216) 791-0061.

The operation of the Chorale is overseen by the WRC Board.   Funding for the group comes from advertising, grants, donations and member support.  Member dues are determined each year by the board and are requested from each member at the beginning of each season.   In the last few years we have obtained matching project grants from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, the Ohio Arts Council, and foundations including the AHS Foundation.

Western Reserve Chorale is a designated 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.



David W. Gilson: Artistic Director

Joanne M. Poderis: Executive Director and Accompanist






Alice Bewie

Cynthia Ahern

Eric Brandt

David Bell#

Carrie Bodenger

Deena Barrett

Art Brooks

John Blackwell

Ellen Brooks

Andrea Ber

Dominique Durand

Chris Brandt

Tuni Chilcote

Kim Bihler#

Daniel Ivancic

Don Chilcote

Bonnie Cook

Erica Collins

Alex Jamieson

Dave Farr

Mary Pat Crockford

Lana Cowell+

Robert McCorvey

Bill Fuller

Nell Davidson

Linda Frank

Cliff Lewis

Donald Hylton

Stacia Dearmin

Marcia Gemler

Arlen Overholt

Dennis Jakse

Celeste DiCillo

Elizabeth Gockel#

Frank Ragone

Marc Kirschenbaum

Ellen Durand

Fern Grunberger

Bob Rittenhouse

Mac McVeen

Veronica Gallo

Linda Haligowski

Ban Twaddell

Francis Miller

Pam Gleisser

Beth Harrod

Mark Wakefield

Linn Obery

Juliann Hammond

Rhona Jacobson

Mark I. Wallach#*

Dave Rainey*

Leona Jackson

Carleen Johnstone#+


Brent Robins#

Nancy Jamieson

Janice Katz


Gunter Schwegler

Lydia Jenkins

Kay Kindice#


Gerald Shazor

Karen Ling

Patricia Klaas


Michael Siegal

Susan Marshall

Judi Koffman


Chris Vandall

Ginie Mast

Paula Lee


Andreas von Recum+

Joan McVeen

Leslie Leventhal



Samantha Miller

Pat Lewis



Stacy Newman*

Angie Littman



Lydia Oppmann

Margie Marino



Laura Otis

Lynda Mayer



Robin Outcalt

Joan McHugh



Lisa Peabody

Maxine Myers



Beth Phillips

Melody Obery



Jane Richmond#

Carbery O’Brien



Karen Swift

Marcia Polevoi



Ginna Taft

Margaret Robinson



Charlotte Thompson

Sara Schiller



Margo Vinney

Jaymie Shanker+



Judith Weiss

Rachel Shirley



Sally Wilson#

Ruth Shoskes



Becky Zeigler

Julie Siegel



Beth Zych

Karen Smith*




Carol Steiner




Diana Vargo




Johanna Vine




Summer Watterson




Blossom Williams




Gayle Woodrow




Margarita Yakutovich



# Board Member        * Section Leader